‘Essential’ Floral Self Defence Safety Alarm Keychains


As my daughter gets older, I reminisce on my younger years and how careless I often was to keep myself safe – brushing dangers under the rug, far more concerned with having fun.

I still find myself shaken by the tragic death of Sarah Everard close to my home and have wondered what can be done to help keep women safe when walking alone – and then I thought of safety keychains.

The keychains can provide safety and peace of mind to young adults as they start to gain independence and women who need to get out of the house but sometimes feel vulnerable in doing so.

Sadly, 1 in 4 women will be victims of domestic abuse in the UK, and 1 in 5 will experience sexual assault. I hope these keychains can help to go some way in preventing unexpected attacks and give you and your loved ones the confidence to walk without fear.

The safety chains include:

– One beautiful handmade premium faux leather floral keychain
– One safety alarm/ torch

– Pom Pom in black, grey or blush pink.

Optional extra’s:

– No-touch door opener, bottle opener & electronic stylus
– Handmade beaded keychain

These keychains would make the perfect gift for a child leaving home or going off to university or a friend you know has to commute solo. These keychains are also ideal for mums who need to get some fresh air but feel vulnerable walking alone.

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Pom Pom

Black, Grey, Blush

+ Beaded Chain

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+ No-Touch Door Opener

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